MyHTSpace: Harris Teeter Employee Login Portal

MyHTSpace is a portal created for the employees of Harris Teeter stores. The portal is employee-friendly, and it enables the administrators to check on employees and issue them with various services and selected benefits. This MYHTSpace portal helps the employees do their work and provides a worker-friendly atmosphere.

You can log in or sign up at using this article. Please scroll down to know all of your employee benefits and ways to access them.

What is MyHTSpace Login Portal?

MyHTSpace is an online portal that allows the workers of Harris Teeter to create accounts, log in and access the numerous benefits offered by their employer. The portal is simplistic and straightforward to use and is available at the Harris Teeter stores. Employees can create their profiles and provide the necessary information required by the employer.

Creating an account requires the user to have a valid username and a password. It is also essential to have an internet connection and a device that can connect to the same. You can choose to use a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that can be relied on for internet access.

The portal will require you to input a company key to give the administrator in charge of benefits when signing up for an account. You will also need a social security number and date of birth to be filled in the appropriate fields. After you have completed creating an account, all you need to do is enter your username and password, then click on ‘login’ to allow you to access your account at any given moment.

If a user forgets their password, MyHTSpace has an option to recover or reset their passwords. Under the login button, there is an option for ‘forgot your username or password?’ which will direct the user to another webpage. This webpage will require the user to input their company key, social security number or member ID, and date of birth. Once you are through with this process, you will receive a link that will be used to reset your password. You can find further MYHTSPACE information on the link provided.

Sign up For Harris Teeter Employee Account

To gain access to your MyHTSpace online account, you are required to register on the portal. This process is always handled by the company HR or the administrator in charge. If none of the people in order covers the process, you can head to the portal and do it yourself. If your login credential is ready, you can skip the set-up phase and head over to log indirectly. Below are the detailed steps on how to register for MyHTSpace:

1. To make a new registry entry to MyHTSpace, you need to visit the Harris Teeter benefit solver login portal at

2. Once you have entered the page and the homepage is displayed, you can click the ‘register’ button to start the registration process.

3. When you click the button, the registration page will load, and this is where you enter your social security number, date of birth, and the ZIP code of the state you live in

4. After confirming that all details are in check, click the ‘continue button to register your account credentials.

5. When submitting your details, the next page will direct you to a portal to create a new username and password according to the security requirements.

6. When you set up the login credentials, you will click on ‘continue’ to verify your identity thoroughly.

7. By continuing, you will be required to follow the prompts provided to confirm your identity and conclude the registration process.

8. After everything is done, click on ‘conform’ to create the employee login account.

9. Once everything is complete, you will be directed to a login section to input your login details as you created them and access your newly created account.

Login to MyHTSpace Employee portal

Every employee who wants to view services related to work or the benefits must log in to their accounts. Using the login credentials, you can follow the simple steps below to access your account.

  1. The first step to logging in to the MyHTSpace account is visiting the Harris Teeter benefit solver login portal at WWW.MyHTSpace.COM.
  2. On the login page enter your Harris Teeter account username.
  3. Below the username space, you will be required to fill in your password.
  4. Confirm that every detail you provided is accurate, then proceed to ‘login.
  5. You will be redirected to your employee account at
MyHTSpace – Harris Teeter Employee Login Portal

Harris Teeter Employee Login Requirement 

  • MyHTSpace original login web address, that is WWW.MyHTSpace.COM
  • A valid MyHTSpace username and password
  • Computer, laptop, or smartphone that can be connected to the internet

Reset MyHTSpace Password

Is it possible to recover your password? Suppose you forgot it?

Recovering your MyHTSpace login password is possible. All you must have is a little personal information that will help you recover or reset your login password. The main aim of having a MyHTSpace account is to help you safeguard your account credentials. If you do not have the login information, you will not access your employee account. It is worth noting that you should not share your login information with anyone besides you. This would put you in a position that compromises your account.

If you have forgotten your login credentials, you are lucky to have a portal that can help you retrieve them. However, if you feel like someone is accessing your account without your authorization, you need to change your password immediately. Below are some of the processes you can follow to reset your password.

1. To retrieve your account details or reset your login credential, visit the MyHTSpace portal.

2. Once you are on the login page, click on the ‘forgot your password or username’ option.

3. After clicking this link, it will redirect you to a page that requires you to enter your SSN (Social Security Number), Date of birth, and ZIP code.

4. After confirming the accuracy of the above details, click ‘continue’ to go ahead with the password reset process. You might get further instructions which you need to follow keenly to retrieve the lost information.

Issues to consider when signing in to your MyHTSpace portal

The username and user password are case-sensitive, so it is essential to ensure that your CAPS-lock is enabled or disabled appropriately.

It is necessary to access the portal using trusted and supported browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and iOS safari.

As you log in to the portal, you need to remember that your computer might have a few factors to access your login portal. These factors are facilitated by the unwanted data that accumulate in your browser. You, therefore, have to clear your browser cookies and cache and try to reassess your portal.

If all these processes do not work, you can try opening your portal using your respective browser’s incognito or private window.

MyHTSpace service delivery

Once an employee has gone through creating an account, they can log into their account. From here, they can choose to add a picture for their profile, change the passwords, emails, and any other information that can be changed. To change your profile picture on the portal, you need to select account settings, click on the image above, and browse to select a new image from the computer. Then, crop the picture accordingly and upload the chosen photo.

If you want to change your email address, go to the account settings, proceed to the emails, and enter the new email address. The update will be verified by requesting a password, and once you input your password, your email address will be changed automatically. From the services above, we can conclude that MyHTSpace straightforwardly gives the best services.

The Harris Teeter stores have their employed needs at heart, and they do everything to take care of them. There is a well-planned employee benefits program that is designed to enhance their work-life balance. The simplified interface allows a user to access work schedules, important announcements, working hours, and salary updates.

Employees can easily use the portal to track their weekly schedules and the paid leaves they can take within a specified period. This system has also made it easy for HR to calculate salaries without getting confused. This portal has even made working as a team very easy because employees can quickly contact their teammates.

Benefits of MyHTSpace Employee Account

Harris Teeter employees are given a wide range of exclusive benefits, and the only way to access them is through online accounts. Below are some of the benefits enjoyed by employees.

  • Financial, 401 (K) profit sharing benefits
  • Health care, dental, vision, and insurance benefits
  • Access to educational assistance and services
  • Cover for vacation and personal time management
  • It can be used for the application of leaves and status management
  • It can be used to manage payslips and financial statements
  • Employees can get store benefits and discounts

Source: Harris Teeter benefits & my ht space work schedule

WFMR ESS on the MyHTSpace portal

When you log in to your MyHTSpace portal, you will find the WFMR ESS on the site. WFMR in full is Worcester family medicine residency, and ESS in full is Employee self-service. This portal is very crucial for monitoring the working hours that have been scheduled for MyHTSpace employees.

These systems can also alert the supervisors and administrators on employee availability and any pending leave requests. In addition, the WFMR ESS portal comes in handy for each Harris Teeter employee since they can get a lot of information within one space.

Frequently asked questions About MyHTSpace.

What are MyHTSpace and Harris Teeter?

Harris Teeter is an American-based retail store company that provides a wide range of services. MyHTSpace is a company portal that is used for the management of employees at Harris Teeter.

What is the relation between MyHTSpace and Harris Teeter?

MyHTSpace is a portal that employees of Harris Teeter can log into to manage their work hours, leave days, working time, and many other things.

What are some of the benefits associated with the MyHTSpace login portal?

The benefits that you get from using the MyHTSpace portal are numerous. Still, the most significant ones are that you can apply for leave, count your working hours and the respective salary, you can also check how many leaves you are left with, and do many other things.

Is MyHTSpace only for Harris Teeter employees?

Yes, the login portal is only applicable for Harris Teeter employees for their work management.

Harris Teeter Employee Login Conclusion

MyHTSpace is a very essential and assistive tool for all Harris Teeter employees. The quick access that the portal provides gives the users many benefits and services that they can use in one click. Using this portal, the company has provided a platform that allows employees to interact and enhance an employee-friendly environment that values its employees.

That was all the essential information about MyHTSpace. For more details, log in at Then, you can use the provided steps to create an account and change the settings.

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