MyHR Kohls Login at Myhr.Kohls.Com Employee Portal

A to Z guide about MyHR Kohls Login portal as an active associate. All Associates must know these important things before using

What is MyHR Kohls?

MyHR Kohls is a web portal for all employees and associates of Kohl’s. This portal( gives employees and associates autonomy to view information like work schedule, paycheck, and more.

MyHR Kohl’s main goal is to enable employees to get HR services online as the corporation has many employees. Thus, making it tedious to serve all of them physically. All you require to access your information on the portal is a username and password that the HR department gives during orientation after being employed.

MyHR Kohls Login Requirements

The following are necessary things you must have to log in to MyHR Kohl’s associate portal.

  • A PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • A stable internet connection
  • Your MyHR Kohl’s username and password
  • website is now

When you have all these requirements, you can now proceed to the login guide. Now that you have all the necessities, you will learn how to login into the portal.

How to Login to MyHR Kohl’s?

Follow the following steps to log in to your MyHR Kohl’s associate account at the official website Myhr.Kohls.Com.

  • Step 1: Open any web browser(on your device) and visit
  • Step 2: Type your MyHR Kohl’s username and MyHR Kohl’s password. Note: Click on the remember me box to enable you to log in faster next time.
  • Step 3: Click Sign In. If you can’t remember your username or password, then scroll down and reset your MyHR kohls user ID or employee password.

Do you Need Help to Sign In to MyHR Kohl’s Associate Account?

All MyHR Kohls employees require three things to login into MyHR Kohl’s associate services account. They include;

  • I forgotMyhr.Kohls.Com Associate username.
  • Resetting Myhr.Kohls.Com Associate Password
  • Unlocking Myhr.Kohls.Com your account

In this section, I will take you through how to solve these login issues.

NB: Before solving these issues, you need to click on “Need Help Signing In” then Forgot the password on the MyHR Kohl’s login page.

Forgot MyHR Kohl’s Username

Step 1: Click forgot username.

Step 2: Enter your MyHR Kohls employee email address—the one you used to create your account.

Step 3: Click send the email.

You will receive an email containing your account’s username.

Reset MyHR Kohl’s Password

  • To reset your MyHR Kohls account’s employee password, you need first to enter your username and click continue. Fill in the necessary information to reset your MyHR Kohls employee login password.

Unlock MyHR Kohl’s Account

  • Is your Kohl’s associate account locked? Then you can unlock it by entering your username and other personal information to get back to your account.

Alumni and Family Member of Active Associates Login

Suppose you are a former associate or family member of an active Kohl’s employee. In that case, you can also login to the portal to access benefits and help when you have family disputes. Follow these steps to log in as alumni or family member.

Step 1: Visit Kohl’s Alumni, Spouses, and Domestic Partners.

Step 2: Enter your MyHR Kohls employee login User ID and Password.

NB: Click on the box before Remember my User ID for easy login on your next visit.

Step 3: Click Alumni Login.

When you follow these steps, you will have access to your former associate or spouse account.

Register as a New MyHR Kohl’s User

Don’t you have an account on the Alumni associate portal? Then don’t worry, as it’s simple to create a MyHR Kohls employee login account. All you require is to visit the Kohl’s alumni portal and click on New User.

Now Enter the last four digits of your social security number and birth date and click continue.

Fill in the required details to complete your account registration process.

Recover Forgot Kohl’s Alumni User ID and Password

Did you forget your Kohl’s alumni User ID or Password? Worry less as there are two steps to retrieve your account details.

Method 1: Online

On the portal, click on Forgot User ID and Password. Enter the required details to access your account.

Method 2: Via Phone

Step 1: Call the service center using this number (844-564-5747).

Step 2: Select your preferred language. For English, choose option one, and for Spanish select option 2.

Step 3: Choose option one for benefits information like rates, enrollment, eligibility, and life events.

Step 4: Now say website assistance and password.

What Benefits does Kohl’s Associate Get?

As a Kohl’s associate, you are entitled to the following benefits.

  • Healthcare: This includes life, temporary, or long-term disability insurance, health saving account, dental, vision, health insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and flexible spending account.
  • Retirement and Financial Help: It includes profit sharing, 401k retirement plan, defined contribution pension plan, and performance incentive.
  • Time off and Vacation: Paid time off, sick leave, paid holidays, and bereavement leaves vacation.

Learn more about benefits by signing in to your MyHR Kohl’s account.

How to Use Kohl’s Associate Discount?

Kohl’s associate discount is another benefit that Kohl’s gives its employees. This is a  discount of 15% that employees get on all products sold at Kohl’s departmental stores. But how do you redeem this benefit as an associate?

In this part, you will learn methods of using this discount when purchasing products from Kohl’s stores. Before you learn about the ways, you must have a Kohl’s charge card to receive the Kohl’s associate discount. If you don’t have the card, here is a guide to help you get one today.

Registering for My Kohl’s Card

  • Step 1: Go to My Kohl’s card.
  • Step 2: Scroll down to Register Now.
  • Step 3: Enter your Kohl’s credit card number (the twelve digits on your credit card) and security phrase.
  • Step 4: Click submit.

How to Sign In to My Kohl’s Card?

  • Step 1: Visit My Kohl’s Card.
  • Step 2: Enter your username and password.
  • Step 3: Click submit.

How to Activate your Kohl’s, Charge Card?

For you to activate your charge card, you need to visit My Kohl’s card and login. In case you find a challenge activating the card online, you can call 800 954-0244.

Note: When activating a PC or laptop, you cannot do this via a mobile phone. You should also not try to activate the card if you haven’t received your Kohl’s card via email.

Another method is you going with your Photo ID and charge card to your nearest store.

How to Know if you Qualify for the Kohl’s Card?

If you are unsure if you qualify for the Kohl’s charge card, you can confirm before applying. This is by following these steps.

Step 1: Visit Kohl’s website.

Step 2: Scroll down the webpage and on Kohl’s card, choose “see if you prequalify.”

Kohl's Card
Kohl’s Card

Step 3: You will be directed to a new page to fill in the required information.

Step 4: Enter your first and last name, address, city, state, zip code, email address, social security number, and date of birth.

Step 5: Click to tick the box on “I understand this is not a credit card application.”

Step 6: Select submit.

Benefits of having the Kohl’s Card

When you have this charge card, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Pay your bills online.
  • Ask for an increase in your credit amount.
  • Register for a paperless statement
  • Ability to access your account and transaction details via your smartphone

Method of Redeeming the Associate Discount

Now that you have your card, you can get a discount when purchasing merchandise from Kohl’s stores. Here are ways of applying this discount during purchase.


When shopping through, you can use the charge card as you shop. You will see the discount on your Kohl’s charge card account after some days.

At the Store

You must have your charge card as you shop at the store near you.

NB: If you are a new Kohl’s employee or an employee with a new card, the discount won’t be applied instantly. In most cases, it takes twenty days for it to be recognized in the system.

MyHR Kohl’s Customer Care

Contact the Kohl’s benefits center if you have any questions about your account using these details.

  • Call: 844-564-5747

Note: Make sure you call them between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM central time from Monday to Friday.

Kohl’s Careers

Do you wish to become a Kohl’s associate in the future? Then you have an opportunity by searching for relevant Kohl’s jobs via Kohl’s careers.

Here you enter your job title, keyword, or skill, state, city, or zip and click search jobs.

When you find a relevant job open, read the requirements before you proceed with the application.

MyHR Kohl’s Employee Work Schedule

You can check your work schedule by logging in to your Kohl’s account. But according to online reviews, employees work for long hours but get enough time off to rest before reporting back to work.

Additionally, the working hours vary, but according to a review on Indeed, when an employee works for ten hours per day for four days, they get three days off. Another reviewer said that the working hours are between 6 AM to 4 PM.

MyHR Kohl’s Paycheck

Viewing your Kohl’s paycheck is essential for all employees. Therefore, here is how you can check your pay statement.

Step 1: Log in to your Kohl’s Associate account.

Step 2: Tap My Pay.

Step 3: Click view current paystub, or you can choose a paycheck from previous months.

NB: In case you find issues viewing your paycheck, contact the benefits center for help.

About Kohl’s

Kohl’s is the largest retail departmental store chain in the US. On 12th September 1962 is when Maxwell Kohl founded this departmental store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Kohl’s has 1,158 stores in forty-nine US states this according to its 2018 report. Presently, its headquarters are in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

It majorly sells apparel, beddings, furniture, beauty products, electronics, housewares, jewelry, décor, toys, and much more. As per Kohl’s 2018 report, it has a revenue of US $20.229 billion. Finally, it has more than eighty-five thousand employees as per a report in 2017.


What Time Does Kohl’s Open?

The opening time of Kohl’s stores is at 11 AM central time. However, this may change in the future.

What Time Does Kohl’s Close?

Kohl’s closing time is at 7 PM. Note that this closing time can change in the coming days.

What is the Work of a Kohl’s Sales Associate?

Kohl’s sales associates’ main task is to answer customers’ questions concerning their products and services at Kohl’s stores. Furthermore, associates stock the store shelves and organize the products.

Before you become an associate, you will be taken through a course about the job you will perform. The course takes between seven to fourteen days.

How much does Kohl’s Associate earn?

Entry-level Kohl’s associate earns between $8 to $10 per hour. When you gain more experience and time, you will get a pay rise. Most of Kohl’s employee works averagely twenty to thirty hours.

Who is a Kohl’s Stockroom Operation Associate?

The work of a stockroom operation associate is to meet customer needs in the store and online. The stockroom operator unloads, processes incoming goods, and restocks products on the sales floor.

How Much Does a Stockroom Operator Earn?

According to Kohl’s stockroom reports, the operator is paid between $9-$22 an hour.

How Does Kohl’s Cash Work?

Kohl’s cash works by earning a $15 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend on shopping. You will receive Kohl’s money on all their stores, online, or at their kiosks. You will receive a coupon at the stores, but you will email your coupon code at kiosks and online. Ensure you have a Kohl’s shopping account to get the coupon automatically to your Kohl’s wallet.

You can only redeem Kohl’s cash coupon during specified (redemption) dates. Lastly, you are not limited to buying certain products. You can purchase any product using the coupon.

How to Return Amazon to Kohl’s?

You can now return Amazon products to Kohl’s stores. This is applicable for legitimate Amazon products. You can return the product to their stores without a box or label, and Kohl’s return the item to Amazon centers for free.


Finally, here are all the details you need to know about MyHR Kohl’s associate login. I hope you have learned more about Kohls. Thanks for reading. Please share this content with your fellow associates.

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